77370Q Cylindrical Pouch Battery

77370Q Cylindrical Pouch Battery

77370Q rechargeable lithium cylindrical battery for bluetooth earphones.
77370Q Cylindrical Pouch Battery


  • Cylindrical rechargeable battery for bluetooth earphones and other small electronics devices;
  • High capacity and long cycle life;
  • Fully certified;
  • 1 year product warranty;
  • Up to US$20 million product safety insurance.


  • Bluetooth earphones;
  • Smart audios;
  • Wireless medical devices;
  • Personal care electronics;
And more......


Model Maximum Dimension (mm) Minimum Capacity (mAh) Internal Impedance
Normal Voltage (V) Charge Ending Voltage (V) Maximum Charge Current Maximum Discharge Current
Diameter (mm) Height
77370Q 7.7 37.5 185 170 3.7 4.2 2C/370mA 1C/185mA