50200 Cylindrical Pouch Battery

50200 Cylindrical Pouch Battery

50200 miniature lithium pouch battery can be used in bluetooth earphones.
50200 Cylindrical Pouch Battery


  • Rechargeable miniature lithium pouch battery ideal for small smart devices;
  • High capacity and long cycle life;
  • Fast charging up to 3C;
  • High voltage with improved energy density;
  • Fully certified;
  • 1 year product warranty;
  • Up to US$20 million product safety insurance.


  • Bluetooth earphones;
  • TWS;
  • Wireless medical devices;
  • Smart sensors;
And more......


Model Maximum Dimension (mm) Minimum Capacity (mAh) Internal Impedance
Normal Voltage (V) Charge Ending Voltage (V) Maximum Charge Current Maximum Discharge Current
Diameter (mm) Height
50200 5 20 26 1000 3.82 4.4 3C/78mA 1C/26mA