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VDL Group

Founded in 2007, VDL Group is the leading producer and innovator in Li-ion battery industry. VDL specializes on the research, design, manufacturing and sales of small and miniature Li-ion batteries, and is currently the industry leader in terms of technology, production capacity, shipment and revenue.

Headquartered in Wanzhou, Chongqing, VDL has manufacturing sites in Wanzhou, Kaizhou and Dongguan, as well as sales offices in Shenzhen, Boston, San Francisco and Stockholm. VDL’s proprietary coin cell batteries, pouch cell batteries and pin cell batteries are powering various electronic devices from multiple top-tier brands. It is our mission to help pave the way for a more intelligent, more efficient and more enjoyable world by utilizing our cutting-edge technology and manufacturing capability to unceasingly provide ever smaller, lighter, safer and more powerful battery solutions.


Design Services

VDL is not only a battery manufacturer, we also provide complete engineering services to assist in designing battery solutions from the initial stages of development to the completed project.

VDL Design and Research Institute

By leveraging the VDL Design and Research Institute and employing the most advanced industry experts, VDL has been able to innovate advanced manufacturing methods and patent new battery designs that have revolutionized the battery industry.

Design and Manufacturing Facilities

VDL currently has design and manufacturing facilities in Chongqing and Dongguan, China. These facilities provide the manufacturing, testing, certification and after-sales support for all VDL products. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art, highly automated production lines, which produce the most advanced batteries available today.

Global Presence

VDL also has international presence with its sales and engineering support offices in the Sweden, USA, Korea, and China.


VDL’s number one priority is to provide the most advanced, safe and environmentally friendly products available, while adhering to strict CE/UL standards. VDL has never incurred a safety recall due to our strict 100% testing requirements before any product leaves the facility.


VDL is also a certified as an ISO 14001, supports RoHS, HF REACH and GP further demonstrating our commitment to the world and environment.

E2E Quality Control

Who are the Customers The most important VOCs VOC to CTQs The Biggest Gaps and Plan
CTQ to SPEC DFMEA Design NPI Prosess Quality Plan Certification
MES Traceability DFMEA Control Plan CTQ/CTP and SPC Quality (IQC/IPQC/OQC)
Function Performance Reliability Cosmetics  Safety ORT
Customer Care
Onsite Support FFB program 8D report   Lessons Learned for new NPI (DFMEA)

Awareness of social responsibility


Waste water recycling
Solid residue recycled 


SA8000 certificate
Open and fair circumstance.
Regulation on the law of China and other country with which VDL has business.


In 2019, VDL gets below awards:
Innovative Industrial Enterprises
Industrial Enterprise tax scale.
Industrial Giant Enterprise
Excellent industrial enterprises
Chongqing May 1 Labor Award


2018/9 Chongqing
Kaizhou District Poverty Relief work Advanced Collective .