1454C Coin Battery

1454C Coin Battery

1454 lithium ion battery provides 85mAh capacity, ideal for applications that require longer run time or higher input energy.
1454C Coin Battery


  • Lithium ion coin battery in miniature size ideal for small hearable and wearable devices;
  • Manufactured using VDL's proprietary stacking technology;
  • High capacity and long cycle life;
  • Fully certified;
  • 1 year product warranty;
  • Up to US$20 million product safety insurance


  • TWS earphones;
  • Wearable devices;
  • Smart jewelries;
  • Wearable medical sensors;
And more......


Model Maximum Dimension (mm) Minimum Capacity (mAh) Internal Impedance (mΩ) Normal Voltage (V) Charge Ending Voltage (V) Approximate Weight (g) Maximum Charge Current Maximum Discharge Current
Diameter (mm)  Height (mm)
1454C 14.1 5.6 85 350 3.7 4.2 2.9 2C/170mA 2C/170mA