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10 Aug 2020

Recommendations for The Safe Use of Lithium Batteries

With the continuous popularization of various electronic devices, various lithium batteries have entered people's lives. The popularity of lithium batteries has brought convenience to people's lives, but if used improperly, accidents can easily occur. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following matters when using lithium batteries.

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06 Aug 2020

Lithium Batteries Enter The Era of High Energy Density

With the continuous development of related technologies in the power field, the endurance of ordinary batteries can no longer meet the needs of consumers. Nowadays, in addition to the safety of batteries, people are also paying more and more attention to battery life. In order to improve the battery life, people focus on the energy density of the b

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31 Jul 2020

Square Pouch Battery is An Excellent Choice for Wearable Device Batteries

Wearable devices are becoming popular nowadays, and in the future, wearable devices may become a new trend. Thin, light, and small are the basic requirements for wearable devices, because it will be more convenient for people to use. However, the design of this appearance also leads to the relatively small battery of the wearable device, which make

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19 Jun 2020

Why rechargeable coin battery so popular?

Over the past fifty years, many of the products we use have been increasingly powered by rechargeable batteries, from lead-acid batteries in automobiles and other motor vehicles to the various rechargeable nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries that power digital cameras Batteries, laptops and other electronic equipment.   What is th

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23 Jul 2020

Features and Applications of Li-polymer Coin Battery

Lithium batteries made of lithium have the characteristics of lightness, durability, high stability and long-lasting power. However, the chemical properties of lithium metal are very active, which makes the processing, storage and use of lithium metal have environmental requirements very high. With the continuous development of science and technolo

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