Square Pouch Battery is An Excellent Choice for Wearable Device Batteries

Square Pouch Battery is An Excellent Choice for Wearable Device Batteries

31 Jul 2020

Wearable devices are becoming popular nowadays, and in the future, wearable devices may become a new trend. Thin, light, and small are the basic requirements for wearable devices, because it will be more convenient for people to use. However, the design of this appearance also leads to the relatively small battery of the wearable device, which makes the battery life of the wearable device very short. Traditional button batteries can only deal with low-power wearable devices, but it has been difficult to meet the power demand of newly launched wearable devices. The lightweight and compact appearance of wearable devices is not easy to modify, so in order to improve the battery life, people can only start with the battery. Among them, the rechargeable square pouch battery is very consistent with the battery life requirements of wearable devices. What are the characteristics of the rechargeable square pouch battery that makes it a good battery life for wearable devices?

First of all, most rechargeable square pouch batteries are lithium-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries have high energy density and high average output voltage. A good lithium-ion battery has a self-discharge of less than 2% per month, and the lost power can be restored by itself. Li-ion batteries have a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to 60°C and can work at very extreme temperatures. Moreover, the lithium-ion battery has excellent cycle performance, can be charged and discharged quickly, the charging efficiency is as high as 100%, and the output power is large, and the battery life is relatively long. At the same time, it does not contain toxic and harmful substances, and it does not harm the human body and the environment.

Secondly, the square battery has many advantages over other shapes of batteries. The shells of rectangular hard-shell batteries are mostly made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other materials. The inside is wound or laminated. The protection of the battery core is better than that of aluminum-plastic film batteries, and the aluminum alloy shell of the rectangular battery is light and portable. Safety and durability are better than traditional steel battery casings, making square lithium-ion batteries a more useful lithium battery product.

The structure of the prismatic battery is relatively simple. Unlike the cylindrical battery, which uses high-strength stainless steel as the casing and accessories with explosion-proof safety valves, the overall accessories are lighter and have a higher relative energy density. Moreover, the square lithium battery can be customized according to the size of the product, and batteries of different sizes can be customized according to the different needs and needs of customers, so that the square battery can fit different wearable devices well.

VDL is a leading professional manufacturer of micro lithium battery in consumer electronics industry. The small lithium pouch cell square pouch battery produced by the company is a rechargeable square pouch battery that is very suitable for wearable devices. These prismatic batteries have high capacity and long service life, and they can be used for a long time after purchase, which is very affordable. The appearance of the battery is small, the thickness is generally about 3mm, and the length and width are generally about 10mm. It is very convenient for people to carry. Wearable devices have become a fashion, and I believe that people can choose a suitable battery in VDL to solve the "worries" for wearable devices.