Why rechargeable coin battery so popular?

Why rechargeable coin battery so popular?

19 Jun 2020

Over the past fifty years, many of the products we use have been increasingly powered by rechargeable batteries, from lead-acid batteries in automobiles and other motor vehicles to the various rechargeable nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries that power digital cameras Batteries, laptops and other electronic equipment.

What is the difference between a button battery and a button lithium battery?

The different names mainly depend on the shape and size of the battery. Button batteries are thicker and rounder and tend to be alkaline (1.5v) or silver oxide (1.55v). The lithium button battery tends to be thinner, labeled 3v. Many lithium button batteries look very similar, usually with the same diameter but slightly different thickness. Lithium button batteries are particularly easy to identify the size. In general, the name of each lithium button battery starts with CR, followed by 4 numbers, which represent the diameter and thickness. For example; CR2032 battery has a diameter of 20 mm and a thickness of 3.2 mm.

Advantages of rechargeable coin battery


Since the rechargeable coin battery can be charged multiple times after the initial purchase, the rechargeable battery has a higher price tag. In the long run, rechargeable batteries are more cost-effective, often using hundreds of hours or more longer than disposable batteries.

Sustainable service life

There is a good reason why disposable batteries are called "disposable". Once the power is exhausted, they become discarded batteries. The reason why the rechargeable battery lasts longer is because you can charge it. Rechargeable batteries lose power more quickly over time and continuous charging, but as long as they can satisfactorily contain the charge required for their application, there is no need to repurchase the battery in a considerable amount of time.The advantages of lithium button batteries are their long life and long shelf life, and the shelf life is usually 7-10 years.

Ideal choice

Rechargeable batteries are ideal for gadgets with high power consumption and electronic devices that consume a lot of energy quickly. Since these batteries can be easily charged, you will get rid of the trouble of constantly buying new batteries. Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are usually used to power portable consumer electronics products, and are a better choice for such devices. It will bring you greater benefits.

Button battery application

As we continue to use smaller gadgets, we need batteries that fit the device. Button batteries and lithium coin batteries are very popular in the following devices: calculators, car keys, remote controls, bank card readers, Hexbugs and other electronic games, watches, Fitbit, digital scales and even digital thermometers.

VDL button battery


Lithium coin cell battery in miniature size ideal for small hearable and wearable devices;
Manufactured using VDL's proprietary stacking technology;
High capacity and long cycle life;
Fully certified;
1 year product warranty;
Up to US$20 million product safety insurance



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1254H 1454C 1644C 1654C


TWS earphones;
Wearable devices;
Smart jewelries;
Wearable medical sensors;
And more......