753035 Square Pouch Battery

753035 Square Pouch Battery

753035 lithium pouch cell is widely used in wireless audios and headphones.
753035 Square Pouch Battery


  • Squared lithium pouch cell ideal for wearables and wireless smart devices;
  • High capacity and long cycle life;
  • Fully certified;
  • 1 year product warranty;
  • Up to US$20 million product safety insurance


  • Bluetooth headphones and audios;
  • TWS charging cases;
  • Smart watches;
  • Pet trackers;
  • Wireless mice;
  • Wearable cameras;
And more......


Model Maximum Dimension (mm) Minimum Capacity (mAh) Internal Impedance (mΩ) Normal Voltage (V) Charge Ending Voltage (V) Maximum Charge Current Maximum Discharge Current
Thickness (mm)  Width (mm) Length
753035 9.9 30.0 35.0 870 80 3.7 4.2 1C/870mA 1C/870mA