301019 Square Pouch Battery

301019 Square Pouch Battery

301019 miniature li-polymer pouch cell can be used to power bluetooth earphones, ultra light fitness trackers or other small wearables.
301019 Square Pouch Battery


  • Rechargeable li-polymer pouch cell for small wearables and hearables;
  • High capacity and long cycle life;
  • High voltage with enhanced energy density;
  • Fully certified;
  • 1 year product warranty;
  • Up to US$20 million product safety insurance.


  • Bluetooth earphones;
  • Fitness trackers;
  • Pet trackers;
  • Smart glasses;
  • Smart jewelry
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Model Maximum Dimension (mm) Minimum Capacity (mAh) Internal Impedance
Normal Voltage (V) Charge Ending Voltage (V) Maximum Charge Current Maximum Discharge Current
Thickness (mm)  Width (mm) Length
301019 3.0 9.9 19.0 46 500 3.8 4.2 1C/46mA 1C/46mA