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23 Sep 2020

Correct use of 573230 square battery

Correct use of 573230 square battery 573230 square battery is widely used and is a kind of energy storage conversion equipment. The use of the battery is generally divided into small-medium-large. Generally small batteries are used in consumer electronics, such as smart phones and laptop computers. The large and medium-sized ones are based on sm

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22 Sep 2020

Related structure and battery characteristics of 1254H TWS coin battery

1254H TWS coin battery is a type of battery that uses lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material and uses a non-aqueous electrolyte solution. Due to the very active chemical properties of lithium metal, the requirements for the processing, storage and use environment of lithium metal are very high. Features of 1254H TWS

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21 Sep 2020

What are the main advantages of 1238C coin cell?

The 1238C coin cell is one of the battery shape classifications. The 1238C coin cell also belongs to the opposite sex battery in the dry battery. Because of its size like a small button battery, it is also called a button battery. It has a large diameter and thin thickness. The following briefly describes the advantages of 1238C coin cell. 1. Se

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20 Sep 2020

What are the structure and advantages of 352538 square battery

Lithium-ion batteries are divided into square lithium batteries, cylindrical lithium batteries and button-type lithium batteries according to their appearance; lithium batteries are divided into aluminum shell lithium batteries, steel shell lithium batteries, and soft pack batteries according to the outsourcing materials; according to the positive

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22 Aug 2020

Several factors affecting the recycling of Rechargeable Coin Battery

1. Moisture Excessive moisture will cause side reactions of the positive and negative active materials in the button battery, destroy its structure and affect the cycle. At the same time, too much moisture is not conducive to the formation of SEI film, but it is difficult to remove trace moisture. Trace amounts of water can also guarantee the perf

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