What are the structure and advantages of 352538 square battery

What are the structure and advantages of 352538 square battery

20 Sep 2020

Lithium-ion batteries are divided into square lithium batteries, cylindrical lithium batteries and button-type lithium batteries according to their appearance; lithium batteries are divided into aluminum shell lithium batteries, steel shell lithium batteries, and soft pack batteries according to the outsourcing materials; according to the positive electrode material, they are divided into lithium cobalt oxide , Lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate, lithium polymer. What is the 352538 square battery? What is its structure? What are the advantages?

Now the 352538 square battery has a very high recognition, because the structure of the 352538 square battery is relatively simple. It is not like a cylindrical battery that uses a stronger stainless steel as the shell and has accessories such as explosion-proof safety valves. But the weight of the whole accessory of the 352538 square battery is very light, and the relative energy density is very high. 352538 square battery uses two different processes: winding and lamination.

352538 square battery
A typical 352538 square battery, the main components include: top cover, case, positive plate, negative plate, diaphragm composed of laminated or winding, insulating parts, safety components, etc. Among them, there are two safety structures in the red circle, namely NSD acupuncture safety device and OSD overcharge protection device.

Advantages of 352538 square battery:
1. High packaging reliability.
2. High system capacity and efficiency.
3. Light weight and high capacity density.
4. The structure is simple and the expansion is relatively convenient. It is currently an important choice for increasing the capacity density by increasing the monomer capacity.
5. Large monomer capacity and simple system structure make it possible to monitor the monomers one by one.
6. The system structure is simple so the stability is relatively good.