What are the benefits of li-ion coin battery?

What are the benefits of li-ion coin battery?

17 Apr 2020

Lithium-ion technology is a hot topic in batteries. They have become a universal power supply for several daily products such as laptops, mobile phones, power tools and even vehicles. With the development of technology, people are more focused on speed, big data and mobility, and the status of reliable portable power is getting higher and higher.

In VDL, rechargeable li-ion coin batteries are becoming more and more popular as power supply options for small and large cleaning equipment. Lithium ion batteries are formed by inserting lithium ions into carbon (petroleum coke and graphite) to form a negative electrode. The positive electrode material is usually LixCoO2, LixNiO2, and LixMnO4, and the electrolyte is LiPF6 + diethylene carbonate (EC) + dimethyl carbonate (DMC ). Lithium ion batteries have the advantages of easy maintenance, long service life, fast charging speed, high safety and environmental protection.

VDL li-ion coin battery

What is the difference between a lithium battery and a li-ion coin battery?
Lithium ion batteries can be recharged, while most lithium batteries cannot. Compared with other rechargeable batteries, they tend to have higher energy density, voltage capacity and lower self-discharge rate. Since a single battery has a longer charge retention time than other types of batteries, power supply efficiency can be improved.

Advantages of li-ion coin battery
Easy to maintain: Unlike lead-acid batteries that require water level monitoring, there is no need to water the lithium-ion battery. This reduces the maintenance required to keep the battery running properly, and also eliminates the need to train new team members on procedures and monitor machines to ensure that the water level is correct.

Long service life: The average li-ion coin battery life of large-capacity battery packs can be up to eight years or more.


Fast charging speed: The use of fast-charging lithium-ion batteries can connect the machine to the charging station, thereby reducing downtime. Of course, in a busy factory, reducing downtime means that it is not necessary to design a cleaning program with the battery fully charged between each use.

Environmental protection: Compared with other fossil fuel alternatives, li-ion coin batteries are more environmentally friendly. With the steady growth of electric vehicles, we have seen the direct impact of reducing carbon emissions and minimizing gasoline-powered cleaners. Not only can you save your long-term costs, but you can also make your business more sustainable.

In addition, you need to consider how to store the lithium-ion battery and its purchase cost. Saving time, simplifying training and extending battery life are one of the biggest reasons for more facilities to invest in li-ion coin battery. Switching to lithium ion is easier than you think, and your business should be evaluated regularly.