The market explosion of TWS has boosted the market demand for rechargeable button batteries exponentially

The market explosion of TWS has boosted the market demand for rechargeable button batteries exponentially

19 May 2020

What is the TWS Coin Battery?
The TWS headset is a true wireless Bluetooth headset. The main feature is that it has no physical wires and is easy to carry. The cordlessness has prompted TWS headsets to require rechargeable batteries, including a pair of headset batteries and a charging compartment battery, accounting for about 10% -20% of the total cost. It is a key component that affects various performances such as battery life.

After replacing the rechargeable coin battery, the overall length of the headset becomes smaller, and the wearing aesthetics are significantly improved. We expect button batteries to become the mainstream of the industry in the future. At present, VDL is one of the major manufacturers of TWS earphone button batteries in the world, with independent core patent technology. At the same time, considering the precision of the TWS cell manufacturing process and high technical barriers, new entrants will face patent disputes, insufficient production capacity, technical barriers and other issues. VDL is expected to usher in high growth early next year.

VDL designs, manufactures and sells small polymer lithium batteries and is recognized as one of China's top high-tech companies.

Coin Battery
                                                1254C Coin Battery

Compared with other batteries, button batteries are easier to standardize, more ergonomic, high space utilization, and easy to process and assemble. VDL's button battery has the following advantages:
1. Independently developed patented technology
2. High performance
3. Good security
4. Small size, durable and safe for TWS

The Advantages of Rechargeable Button Batteries
When a button battery such as Airpod Pro is rated at 93 milliwatts, we believe that it has reached its maximum capacity. However, with the development of new Bluetooth technology, TWS can certainly use longer-lasting batteries.

To keep prices low, button batteries will not be used in semi-wireless earbuds because lithium polymer batteries are cheaper and fit the dimensions of these earbuds.

Before reducing the receiving coil to a diameter equal to or less than 12mm, it can be installed in a coin cell. Moreover, the button battery has been wirelessly charged during the day, and it is not far away that the charging box becomes a wireless charger.