How to extend the life of li-ion square battery?

How to extend the life of li-ion square battery?

17 Apr 2020

There are many reports on how to save battery power, but we can only minimize battery consumption too quickly if we take good care of the battery. So, how to maintain the battery to extend the battery life?

In today's mobile world, battery life is very valuable. Why do you say this? It will be annoying when a mobile device is about to be powered off in public, but only has a usable outlet. So, what can we do to extend the battery life? These are several methods introduced by VDL for you.
VDL li-ion square battery

Keep the battery at room temperature
Store the battery between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. During the charging process, the temperature of the battery will rise due to the work of the current. The worst thing is that when the battery is fully charged, it will also experience high temperatures. Therefore, if the temperature inside the car is too high, do not put it in or charge the car. Heat is the biggest factor in reducing the service life of lithium-ion batteries.

Consider buying a large-capacity li-ion square battery
Regardless of whether it is used or not, the rechargeable square pouch battery will degrade over time. Therefore, the life of the backup battery will not be longer than the battery in use. When buying a battery, you must also pay attention to the characteristics of battery aging, even unused batteries will also aging. Therefore, make sure to ask about the product with the latest manufacturing date.

Allow partial discharge
Unlike ordinary batteries, li-ion square batteries have no charge storage. This means that no deep discharge cycle is required. In fact, the battery is best to use a partial discharge cycle. Zijian engineers suggested that after 30 charges, the lithium-ion battery should be discharged almost completely. Continuous partial discharge will produce a condition called digital memory, which reduces the accuracy of the device's power meter. Therefore, let the battery discharge to the cutoff point, and then recharge, the power meter will be recalibrated.

Avoid completely discharging the lithium ion battery
If the discharge voltage of each battery of a li-ion square battery is lower than 2.5 volts, the safety circuit built in the battery will be disconnected, and the battery seems to be exhausted. Only a battery analyzer with a boost function can charge the battery. Also, for safety reasons, if a deeply discharged lithium ion battery has been stored under this condition for several months, please do not charge it.

If you want to store the lithium ion battery for a long time, please discharge the lithium ion battery by 40% and store it in a cool place. Only by taking good care of the battery can we minimize the excessive power consumption and prolong the service life of the battery.