Features and structure of Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery

Features and structure of Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery

20 Oct 2020

The main components of Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery 402030 generally include a top cover, a case, a positive plate, a negative plate, a laminated sheet or winding composed of a separator, insulators and safety components. Inside the red circle is the safety structure, NSD acupuncture safety device; OSD overcharge protection device.

Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery 402030 Needle Punch Safety Device (NSD, Nail Safety Device), this is the outermost layer of the core with a metal layer, such as copper foil. Then when acupuncture occurs, the local large current generated at the acupuncture location will pass through the large area of ​​the copper sheet to quickly reduce the current per unit area, which can prevent local overheating of the acupuncture location, so as to slow down the battery heat Out of control happened.

Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery
Overcharge Safety Device (OSD, Overcharge Safety Device), currently this safety design can be seen on many batteries. It is usually a metal sheet to be used in conjunction with fuse, and fuse can generally be designed on the positive current collector, then the pressure generated inside the battery during overcharge will cause the OSD to trigger an internal short circuit, which will generate an instantaneous high current. Fuse can be blown, thereby cutting off the internal current loop of the battery.

The shell is generally a steel shell or an aluminum shell. With the drive of the market's pursuit of energy density and the progress of the production process, the aluminum shell has gradually become the mainstream.

The advantages of Rechargeable Square Pouch Battery 402030 are high packaging reliability, high system energy efficiency, relatively light weight, and high energy density. Therefore, the related structure is relatively simple, and the expansion is relatively convenient. This method is currently assured by improving the battery cell Capacity is an important option to increase energy density. If the capacity of the monomer is large, the composition of the system will be relatively simple, which can make it possible to monitor the monomers one by one. Another advantage brought by the simple system is relatively good stability.